SQL Server 2016 Training: Prerequisites

SQL Server 2016 Prerequisites

In this series of SQL Server 2016 Training blog posts I will make my best effort to inform you
about the key points related to Microsoft SQL Server 2016. First off let’s start with the prerequisites for SQL Server 2016:

Hardware and Software Requirements for Installing SQL Server 2016

SQL Server 2016 training

Polybase Query Service and Database Engine in SQL Server 2016

If you want to run the Database Engine with PolyBase Query Service for External Data
it is recommended in this case to have at least 5000 MB disk space.
That’s about 5 gigabytes of disk space.

PolyBase is a cool new methodology
that permits you as a dba or database administrator, developer or end user,
to run SQL queries. You can run these queries on
non-internal data, this is done in Hadoop or even blob storage in Microsoft Azure.

You can do all of this directly from SQL Server.
PolyBase combines data that is relational with data that is relational.
The secret is by using the best Transact-SQL statements, also known as T-SQL statements.
Polybase does optimize those queries to offload some of the more intensive databse work to hadoop.

Analysis Services and Data: Power BI – Business Intelligence for SQL Server 2016

For Analysis services and data files it is recommended to have about 700 MB of available disk space.

Analysis services are typically associated with a SQL Server solution known as Power BI (BI means “business intelligence” for SQL Server 2016).

SQL Server 2016 Power BI Training

Power BI for SQL Server 2016 consists of interactive data visualization BI (business intelligence)
tools that help you to interpret your organization’s data in diverse, innovative ways. It is essentially
a business analytics service. Power BI transforms the data of your company or organization
into clear and rich visuals. You can smoothly collect and organize your data in the best ways
and bring life into your data with Power BI. This is done by using a variety of customizable
dashboards, reports, organization-wide analysis, and more.

For instance, there is the multimensional model, tabular model, and models that are
populated with a variety of data points from non-internal systems of data. This usually consists
of an abundance of data warehouses where data is collected and aggregated from. Power BI
also includes Reporting Services reports, Excel, and more tools for data visualization and organization!

I might discuss Power BI in greater depth in another post.

Reporting Services

Reporting Services alone should have about 1000MB, or 1 gigabyte, allocated for that purpose.

SQL Server 2016 Inustry Leading TCO

Now these are just some of the prerequisites that came to my mind right now, there are likely more prerequisites for SQL Server 2016.
I hope this mini SQL Server 2016 training blog post helps you, whether database administrator, dba, developer, or even beginner, to start thinking
about the key concepts of SQL Server 2016 and how this fits in to your information technology infrastructure.
While some of you may be used to computers and computer programming, sometimes SQL Server is just a different kind of software altogether that requires specific skill sets and specialized design, planning, development, and implementation.

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